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4 Advantages of Helical Gear Motors

January 31, 2022

When it comes to gear motors, there are many types of configurations in the market. While some are geared towards generating more torque, others are considered valuable for their compact design and silent operational capabilities. In this vein, helical gear motors are considered to be one of the best, known for their lack of vibration and noise. This feature is further enhanced when they are compared with spur gear motors. To understand more about this incredible machine, it’s important to examine its different beneficial properties. 

Here are 4 major advantages of helical gear motors.

Low Vibration And Noise

Due to the design of helical gears, the teeth can mesh really well with each other. This translates to low vibration, little to no noise generation and overall smoother performance. 

High-Load Bearing Capability

Once again, the great meshing capability of helical gear creates an overall higher gear coincidence degree. As a result, the operational load on a pair of teeth is reduced, ensuring a longer lifespan of the gear motor. 

Better Torque Generation

One of the basic applications of gear motors is creating higher torque while reducing speed, and helical gear motors are perfect for this purpose. Since helical gears mesh so well, it is easy to create a high amount of torque and consequently, these gear motors are used in heavy machinery. 

Compact Design

Compared to spur gear motors, helical motors are much more compact by design, which when combined with their other properties, make them an invaluable piece of equipment. 

Due to these 4 advantages, helical gear motors are widely used in transmission, conveyors, elevators, and a lot of different industries that require these properties.

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