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4 Accurate Steps to Choosing the Right Gear Reducer

April 13, 2021

The best way to prolong equipment lifespan and save on utilities is to use a reliable gear reducer. These reducers change the torque and speed of a motor and load quickly. With the wide variety of gear reducers available in the market, it's challenging to choose the right one.

Here are four points to consider before you finalize your gear reducer purchase.

Torque Levels You Need

Any gear reducer will increase or decrease your motor's torque. It allows machine operators to use various machines for varying applications with a dependable reducer. In order to determine the right torque levels you need, take the average torque levels your operations use. Then, consider the manufacturer's indicated minimum and maximum torque the reducer can support. If your average, floor, and ceiling torque levels fall within the indications, investing in the reducer is a wise choice.


Reduction Ratio Suitable For Your Operations

The reduction ratio of a gear reducer helps you know the output rotation speed it can deliver. Most manufacturers indicate this on their product's labels. If the RPM is within your existing equipment's limits, getting the right gear reducer will yield exceptional productivity and output for your operations.


Machine Assembly

Choosing the best gearbox assembly can be confusing. Most manufacturers have four gearbox variations, including planetary, worm-gear, gear-train, and bevel gear reducers. Each one is capable of delivering an edge in different situations. For example, a planetary gearbox's coaxial assembly makes them best suited for compact devices.


Find a Reliable Supplier

Even with this knowledge, it can still be confusing choosing the best gearbox for your operations. Thankfully, dependable suppliers, such as Bauer GMC, are always aiming to find you the best and most suitable machines capable of taking your routines and productivity to the next level.


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