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3 Types Of AC Gear Motors

May 03, 2024
Expert Gear Motor Manufacturers In Mississauga

AC motor is an important component used in numerous devices across different industries such as the automotive sector, food and beverage industry, material handling sector and more. However, not all ac gear motors are the same. There is some basic classification among these gearmotors. In this blog, 3 basic types of AC gear motors are addressed.

Types Of AC Motors

Induction Motors

In this type of AC motor, the main rotor is set in motion with the help of an induction winding. The induction winding creates a magnetic field, and it is this field that generates the energy for rotor movement. As is evident, this is a rather simple mechanism which makes it easy to maintain and use. Therefore, such gearmotors are a staple in many industrial applications. 

Permanent Magnet Motors

In this configuration, the manufacturers install permanent magnets right on the rotors. Therefore, instead of winding, these magnets directly create a magnetic field and propel the rotor. In this type of AC motor, there is better control over the speed and torque of the motor, ensuring better efficiency.

Synchronous Motors

Synchronous gearmotors employ the mechanism of both induction and permanent magnet motors. They comprise permanent magnets on the rotor as well as a winding that is powered/synchronized with the AC power supply. This results in the creation of a strong magnetic field that allows accurate control over the motor speed. It also enables the motor to maintain constant high speeds for a long time. 

In conclusion, each type of gearmotor has its own set of merits and demerits. Thus, their selection really depends upon specific applications.

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