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3 Tips to Optimize Gear Motors

November 30, 2021

To vary the speed and torque of a system, there is nothing as efficient as gear motors. These incredible machines can reduce the input speed and increase the torque by the same margin. However, they do face wear and tear, not to mention undue loads, leading to a reduction in performance. Thus, if you are looking to optimize your gear motors you need do to one or all of these 3 steps. 

3 Prominent methods to optimize gear motors.

Using O-Ring Seals
A superior alternative to gaskets, O-Ring seals are a brilliant way to optimize your motor by ensuring better lubrication. Basically, these rings offer a much tighter seal for the motor, thereby ensuring little to no leakage of the lubricant. Moreover, these seals are usually situated between the gearbox case and the cover, so they are not exposed to open air. Gaskets, on the other hand, are exposed to the elements and hence, they wear out quickly. 

Applying Protective Electrostatic Coating 
Traditional paints and powder-coat finishes are not enough to protect gear motors from natural elements such as damp, dust and temperature fluctuations, as well as other operational wear and tear like dents and scratches. To shield the motor against these conditions, it is prudent to apply a protective electrostatic coating or an e-Coat on the constituent parts. This is done by dipping parts of the motor in a special, liquid-based emulsion and passing an electrical voltage through it, ensuring a uniform coating that is extremely effective. 

Using High-Grade Grease Lubrication
To ensure that there are no maintenance and breakdown hassles in the gear motor, a high-grade grease lubricant is also used. These are extremely durable lubricants that almost last as long as the gearbox, ensuring smooth operating for the longest time. In this manner, this lubricant has a distinct edge over motor oils and other types of grease. 

To conclude, a gear motor can be optimized using these products and procedures. However, for best results, it is recommended to purchase a new motor that already has all these features. 

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