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3 Signs to Know If Your Gear Reducer Needs To Be Replaced

June 16, 2022

Gear reducers are gear trains that take torque from the power source and multiply it. Gear reducers primarily facilitate two functions. First, they multiply the torque created by the motor. Then, they reduce the speed (the rpm output) of the motor so that the output is the correct speed. Gear reducers are also known as speed reducers.

Gear reducers make sure that every component achieves efficient functioning by reducing its speed. Due to optimum output and increased friction, the components wear out easily. Such cases require quick replacement to avoid downtime. Here's how you can know whether it is time to replace your speed reducers.

3 Indicators That Your Gear Reducer Needs To Be Replaced

Delay in speed shifts:
Even though a gear reducer's main function lies in reducing the speed of the components, the delay should not be more than a few seconds. If you experience a delay of 10 seconds or more during speed changes then it is an indication that the gear reducers have worn out. You must then immediately resort to replacing them.

Noisy operation:
Speed reducers are simple pieces of machinery with multiple cogs. They work just like any normal vehicle transmission system. An ideal speed reducer functions smoothly without any clanking or thudding sound during speed shifts. However, a damaged speed reducer produces loud clanks during its operation. Noisy operation is an immediate sign that your gear reducer needs mechanical assistance.

Bad torque transmission at slower speeds:
Torque is responsible for creating rotational motion inside a gearbox. It allows gears to transmit the power required to move an object, process or workpiece. The torque transmission should ideally be unaffected even if the machine is using slower gear speeds. However, in the case of a damaged gear reducer, one can experience poor torque transmission during mid or low-speed gear settings.

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