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3 Signs it is Time to Replace your Existing Gearmotors

July 20, 2021

With gearmotors, it is easy to optimize your facility's productivity and increasingly boost everyday performance. However, even the best motors can have decreasing performance due to natural wear and tear. Over time, you will have to replace your existing motors. If you are unsure about the right time to replace motors, here are three signs to help you gauge the timing.

When it comes to gearmotors, Bauer GMC is the right choice, and our team is focused on meeting the specific needs of your application.

Used For Ten Years

High-quality gearmotors can last for a lifetime with proper maintenance and adjustments from certified technician teams. However, any machine you consistently use with minimal performance variation over ten years is highly likely to exhibit some wear and tear. Even with frequent maintenance, motors beyond ten years of age are at risk of poor performance.

Grinding and Slamming Noises

These motors require accurately-cut gears, allowing them to transfer consistent and correct torque levels. Daily operators can identify their natural operating hum and vibrations. Therefore, if they mention any strange variation, it is a good idea to have a certified technician team observe it. A report of loud grinding and slamming noises is a clear symptom of motor problems that require immediate attention to improve the performance.

Frequent Breakdowns Due to Misalignment

Misaligned gears primarily cause machine breakdowns. Once a gear goes off-axis, it will topple and spin against another component. It will grind and tear against it, causing further misalignment to other parts. Failsafe shutdowns aim to minimize damages to these affected parts. If it frequently happens, you will want to have a certified team look into it and determine if you need repairs or replacement.

Get The Best Replacement Motors from a Reliable Supplier

You can always count on us at Bauer GMC for all of your gear motor replacement needs. With decades of experience manufacturing and supplying the best machines, we guarantee only the best motors compatible with your current workflow. Contact us today to learn more.