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3 Reasons to Choose Bauer’s Helical Gear Motors

May 30, 2022

A gear is a rotating circular machine part with teeth that can transmit power and motion between shafts. It is an important component in numerous motors and machines. It is classified into four major groups — spur gear, helical gear, bevel gear and worm gear — on the basis of the profile of the teeth and its gear axis orientation.

Every gear has its own set of features and applications. However, helical is the most preferred gear when it comes to smooth operation. Motors that use helical gears are considered efficient and optimal. Bauer GMC has always been a proud manufacturer of helical gear motors.

The teeth in a helical gear are cut and arranged in a certain way called helix angle that facilitates them to mesh gradually. The gradual teeth mesh ensures multiple teeth share the load, resulting in a smooth transition of forces. Bauer’s helical gear motors use the same principle and thus are highly efficient. 

Another feature of Bauer's helical gear motors is their durability and minimum troubleshooting requirement. Motors that use helical gear are less likely to malfunction or cease to operate. Additionally, their compact and strong design makes them immune to harsh surroundings and work environments. 

Durability and efficiency make Bauer’s helical gear motors highly cost-effective. The helix teeth ensure less friction and minimal wear and tear. This type of motor eliminates the need for periodical replacement or constant repair costs. Bauer helical gear motors also come at an economical price that provides longevity and high output

The above-mentioned features are just some of the many characteristics of Bauer helical gear motors. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of products that also include various other types of gear motors.