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3 Properties To Consider While Selecting A VFD

March 18, 2022

VFD or variable frequency drives are key components in systems that require constant changes in speed and torque without manual intervention. Essentially, it controls an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage reaching the motor, thereby altering its speed, and consequently torque. In the world of frequency drives, Danfoss VFDs have emerged as one of the best in terms of quality and performance. That being said, businesses still need to take some factors into consideration before choosing a VFD. 

Here are 3 such factors to contemplate.

Continuous Run Current Rating

When temperature/heat and resistance is fixed, a continuous run current rating can be defined as the maximum RMS current that a variable frequency drive can safely handle for the given temperature. 

Overload current rating

Overload current rating can be roughly defined as the maximum current that a VFD can generate for a stipulated period of time. Quality equipment, such as Danfoss VFD, can produce up to 150 percent overcurrent in under a minute, but it can even be more in cases of highly specialized equipment. However, to further increase this rating/capacity, it is fundamental to increase the size of the variable frequency drive. Hence those who are looking to have a very high overload current rating should seriously consider a large VFD for their operation. 

Line Voltage

Most VFDs have a nominal voltage range in which they can operate effectively, typically about 10 percent higher or lower than the standard voltage rating. However, motors can operate way beyond this range and consequently, this can cause the VFD to trip and stop functioning. To avoid this, it’s important to prerecord the possible power deviations for a particular application so that a suitable VFD can be selected for the task. 

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