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3 Problems To Watch Out For In Variable Speed Drives

November 18, 2021

Variable speed drives play a vital role in the manufacturing sector as they help save energy and keep production consistent for any business. With the right settings, variable speed drives can accurately judge the changes in the load on the drive system, and they can adjust the system’s motor speed accordingly. One of the best aspects of this technology is that adjustments can be made in real-time, which eliminates the need for manual intervention. For all their merits, these speed drives are prone to wear and tear just like any other instrument. They can eventually break down if owners don't address a few issues in a timely fashion.


Here are 3 such important variable speed drive issues to look out for:

Too Much Load

An excessive current generation can occur in an AC motor due to excessive torque and load. In a variable speed drive system, the current increases as the torque increases, and the current decreases as the load decreases. When there is too much torque and too much load, both the rotor and stator react by simultaneously generating heat and increasing current. This causes the temperature of the motor to increase, eventually leading to damages.

Motor Lead Insulation Breakdown

The lead insulation on an AC motor can deteriorate when the motor is operated in a condition where the insulation's dielectric strength is inadequate for the operating voltage. This could be due to high humidity, condensation, or other environmental factors. Ultimately, insufficient insulation can cause arcing, which leads to heat buildup and can eventually cause fire or melt parts of the motor.

Aggressive Braking

The rotors in the variable speed drive motors are very sensitive and can get damaged by frequent spinning. This occurs due to aggressive dynamic braking. When the rotors are stopped this way, the thermal expansion of the rotor creates a force that pulls the rotor shaft away from the stator, leading to bearing failure. This usually happens when the VSD is not adequately cooled.

Thus, you should watch out for these 3 major problems in your variable speed drive to help slow down the process of wear and tear.

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