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3 Primary Advantages of Using AC Drives

December 13, 2021

AC drives are widely used because they have a great power-to-weight ratio, which is ideal for running a machine in a limited space in an industrial setting. Moreover, because of the three-phase electrical power setting, AC drives are often used in industries that require high functioning speeds.

Apart from these benefits, here are 3 more major advantages of using AC drives.

No Upper-Speed Limit

An AC drive doesn’t necessarily have an upper-speed limit, as it uses a power-switching device, such as a thyristor, to disconnect the rotor from the power supply any time the rotor speed exceeds a certain limit. Thus, machinists have better control over the AC drive and can vary its speeds easily by changing the frequency of the power supply.

High Dynamic Response

AC drives achieve a high dynamic response by controlling the rotor flux through the use of a chopper. An AC drive’s high dynamic response is exceptional because it can adapt to sudden speed changes while maintaining its energy efficiency and production results. DC drives on the other hand take time to adjust to changes in speed, making AC drives much more superior from an efficiency standpoint.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

AC drives have low maintenance requirements because the drives only require a minimum amount of lubrication to keep them running smoothly. They also have two sensors that allow them to use one as a backup in case the other malfunctions. In addition, an AC drive doesn’t require recalibration when the motor load changes, leading to a longer life when compared to its DC counterpart. 

With this knowledge, you can now confidently choose an AC drive especially if you require dynamic speed changes, compactness and maximum efficiency.

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