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3 Mechanical Components Involved in the Operation of an AC Drive

April 03, 2019

The AC drive is an imperative part to the functionality of an electrical motor. The drive controls the speed of an electrical motor by effectively changing the frequency of electrical power supplied to the motor. Power is supplied to the motor through a 3-phase voltage system located in the device’s electrical grid. It is the rotating magnetic field within the electrical grid that feeds power to the motor’s rotor, serving to change the network’s frequency which control the motor’s speed.

There are several components which contribute to the operational functionality of the AC drive – today we’ll discuss three of them:

The Rectifier

The rectifier enables the drive to supply the motor with the power in needs to operate. The unit can be either unidirectional or bidirectional.

  • Unidirectional Unit: the drive gets its supply from the electrical network to power the motor
  • Bidirectional Unit: the drive recycles energy from the actual motor through mechanical rotation by feeding it back to the electrical network

The Inverter

The inverter harnesses energy from the DC unit in order to supply the motor with energy. It enables the 3-phase AC voltage output needed by the motor through the practice of modulation.

The primary function of the inverter is to adjust the voltage frequency according to actual need. If the frequency of the output is higher, the speed of the motor (output) should match.

The DC Circuit

The DC circuit is used for storing the electrical energy it absorbs from the rectifier. Since the power demands needed to run motor applications can be huge, it will necessitate high power capacitors for safe storage.

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