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3 Excellent AC Gear Motor Brands That Will Improve Your Daily Work

August 12, 2020

Your manufacturing team's skills are invaluable and consistent operational monitoring can help you yield high output and performance. However, your set of AC gear motors, which you can find in many of your tools, equipment, and devices, can often hinder the performance of your team.


Fortunately, high-quality manufacturers of these machines, such as Bauer GMC are looking out for businesses like yours with dependable equipment capable of achieving your objectives in no time. Here are three gear drive brands you should consider using:


Cutting Edge Bauer 2000 Series Motors

Focusing on gear design, small size, and energy efficiency, the Bauer 2000 AC gear motor series specializes in top-notch performance with a small footprint. With a wide variety of speed and torque options, we've found and continue to find the perfect gear motors for many businesses that need dependability, unparalleled performance, and unique, custom features. 

Heavy Duty and High-Torque Eberhard Bauer Machines

Eberhard Bauer AC gear motor sets use the principles of Eberhard Bauer's innovations. It uses the original design that sports a heavy-duty gear motor, Germany-made parts and fittings, and castings that guarantee long-term lifespan and dependability. Bauer GMC offers a wide variety of Eberhard Bauer motors, including AG, CFG, and G-series motors. 

Premium Variable Frequency Danfoss Drives

Bauer GMC is a distributor of world-renowned variable-frequency Danfoss drives. These dependable motor system controls allow us to customize and improve Bauer GMC-manufactured machines according to our client's specifications. Furthermore, our technicians can install Danfoss drives for any automated systems requiring an overhaul in your facilities.

Get These Excellent Machines at Affordable and Flexible Rates 

If you have yet to find a dependable manufacturer and distributor of the best gear drives today, you can always count on us at Bauer GMC for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!