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3 Crucial Signs Your Machines Needs More Than a Gear Motor Repair

October 15, 2020

When your team reports minor malfunctions such as inaccurate settings and outputs from your machines, a gear motor repair is often the best course of action. It’s cost effective and introduces immediate relief to any mechanical errors. However, sometimes machines need extra attention beyond the usual repairs, especially if you’re encountering these three signs that you're due to replace your motors. 

Torque Fluctuations During Operations

You’d usually expect all your gear motors to operate effectively and with full accuracy during your daily routines. True enough, even the slightest transmission deviation will create a drastically different result, which can turn your everyday routine into a logistical nightmare. Torque fluctuations -- especially when frequent -- warrant an immediate replacement instead of a gear motor repair. 

Disturbingly Loud Sounds During Use

Your machine should be emitting a certain level of noise during operation, which can manifest in a low or high-pitched whine dependent on the engine's transmission level. However, if you're hearing slamming or sounds of small parts colliding together, then it's possible your engine has some parts that have worn and torn down. This will require the help of experienced technicians from companies such as Bauer Gear Motors to evaluate whether it needs a gear motor repair or immediate replacement.

In Use for More than 10 Years

Any motor that has been in operation for more than 10 years will definitely need a replacement as soon as possible. Machines in use beyond 5-10 years will always show the clearest signs of wear and tear. True enough, repairs will do so much for these machines. However, a replacement can be a great long-term and cost-effective solution.

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