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3 Accurate Ways to Know If Your Gear Reducer is Worn Out

October 27, 2021

A gear reducer is that sturdy and somewhat prominent gear train that connects your entire machine's network of cogs and gears to the motor. Its primary function is to deliver high torque by reducing speed so that every component can achieve the motion and strength needed to function effectively. Due to its crucial function, if this component wears out, it will require an immediate replacement to avoid any disruption in the daily routine. Thus, it's vital to know the signs of wear and tear.

Here are three accurate ways to know whether your gear reducer needs replacement:

Unusual Noises During Speeds Changes

A speed reducer or a gear reducer functions just like the transmission system in most vehicles. If you hear a prominent clunking or thudding sound when you change speeds, be it in any machine or in a vehicle, you can be fairly sure that you have a damaged or worn-out speed reducer. The best course of action is to allow technicians and experienced gearmakers, such as those affiliated with Bauer GMC, to provide you with a proper diagnosis and prompt replacement.

Extreme Delay In Speed Shifts

In general, any speed reducer only has a delay of a few seconds until it achieves your desired speed. However, if you've noticed that it takes more than 10 or even 20 seconds for your gear speeds to change, then the likelihood of a worn-out reducer is very high. Hence, if you're experiencing longer delays during speed changes, then your gear reducer might warrant a replacement.

Poor Torque Transmission at Slower Speeds

Torque allows your gears to transmit the strength required to move an object or process any workpiece. This force is consistent even if your machine is using slower gear speeds. However, if you experience poor torque transmission during mid-speed or slow-speed gear settings, then there’s a high chance that your reducers are worn out and require a change.

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