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2 Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Working With Gear Motors

February 04, 2019

There is no question that gear motors are useful. A gear motor is a specific type of electrical motor that is designed to produce high torque while maintaining a low speed. This device has a broad range of applications, from household products like can openers and garage door openers, to the automotive industry. However, working with these devices requires some important considerations.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when choosing a gear motor.


The purpose of gear motors is to transmit power. To do its job, a gear must have the correct amount of torque. Specifically, it must have the correct amount of torque at the output shaft of the gearbox.

A gearbox is a piece of equipment connect connecting a motor to a machine that consists of a series of gears. It receives the primary input speed from the motor and alters it to a different output speed using its gears. The gearbox can magnify the torque and reduce the speed as needed.

Instead of focusing on the motor input horsepower, it’s still best to determine the exact amount of torque required at the gearbox output shaft. The designer can work from there to consider other factors, such as the motor power needed for a specific application.


In addition to determining the torque, keep in mind that different motors vary in efficiency. There are two different gear motors you can select from: the AC motor and the DC motor. Each of them has its own efficiency potential, so make sure you know which one would better suit your needs.

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