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2 Differences Between An AC Drive and DC Drive

June 20, 2022

A drive is a device used to regulate the speed of an electric motor by altering the frequency of the electrical supply to the motor. It is an important component of the motion control system. With the help of a drive, the motor can function smoothly even during sudden speed changes.

Depending on the application, there are many types of drives for you to choose from. However, AC drives and DC drives are the most common types of drives. In this blog, let's learn about the major differences between these two.

Functioning process:
An AC drive or an alternating current drive takes AC (alternating current) input and converts it into DC (direct current), then converts this direct current back to alternating current. This repetitive process might sound erratic but is very effective. This process increases the output current manifolds to keep up with modern drives without damaging the motor coil.

In a DC drive, the functioning process is relatively simple. A direct current drive converts AC input into DC current to power DC motors. DC drives tend to burn the motor coil faster.

Applications and efficiency:
AC drives have garnered wide popularity in recent years. Mechanical engineers often rely on AC drives in a wide range of motion control applications. They are energy-efficient and reduce operational costs by guaranteeing longevity. Furthermore, AC drives are also capable of changing speed more rapidly compared to DC monitors. However, these perks come at a cost. AC drives demand for complex designs and are more expensive than their counterparts. 

On the other hand, DC drives are still preferred in low-speed, high torque applications, like in cranes, hoists and elevators. DC drives boast a simple design and are cheaper compared to AC drives. Thus, they still have their place in niche applications.

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